Hajj & Umra


Hajj Presentation (2022 Edition) - PowerPoint Format

Learn the Hajj and Umra procedures in detail. In addition to learning the manasik (rituals), you will also gain familiarity with the geographical aspect of the Hajj sites and learn practical tips which will make your Hajj easier and more comfortable.

Hajj ppt - Part 1
Hajj ppt - Part 2
Hajj ppt - Part 3
Hajj ppt - Part 4


Preparation for Hajj
Expansion Projects
Hajj Statistics
Madinah Album
Makkah Album
Mina_Muzdalifah_Arafah Album
Glossary of Hajj and Umra


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Other Supporting Documents

Hajj Dates for This Year - (2022)

Time of Hajj for this year: Months of Hajj, days of Hajj, Average temperatures in Makkah, prayer times in Makkah, Sunset time of the Day of Arafah, etc.

Islamic Will Template (for California Residents)

Islamic Will Template for California residents, prepared by Ahmed Shaikh, Attorney at Law.

Hajj & Umrah Practical Guide

Du'a From the Quran

Compilation of all du'a in the Quran.

Hajj Practical Guide

Practical tips for Hajis from the US in particular.